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        The principle is simple, “Good Circulation, Good Health.” Consider that most every ailment the body can experience is rooted in some degree of stagnation. Either something stopped moving completely, or at least stopped moving well, resulting in low energy, discomfort, pain, and disease.

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One Block Leads to Another

        Much like a dam that blocks a river, a single point of stagnation can create excess on one side and deficiency on the other. This imbalance often generates more stagnation in other areas which only further complicate patterns and pathologies within a given environment. 

        From this view, a common condition called arthritis is simply pain and stiffness from stagnant inflammation in the joints. Heart disease is stagnant cholesterol clogging the arteries and veins. A cancerous tumor is nothing more than a stagnant accumulation of mutated cells. Even diabetes can be dialed down to some fluid or process that grew stagnant somewhere along the metabolic chain. 

I Like to Move It Move It

        If stagnation could be considered the solitary root of all disease, then promoting blood flow and circulation seems the natural, fix-all remedy. With that in mind, one of the easiest ways to promote efficient and effective blood flow and circulation throughout the entire body is to simply move. 

        Think of it like this, if you move a bag of almonds around, all the almonds inside the bag move too. In the same way, if I move my arm around, all the stuff inside my arm moves too – i.e. blood, lymph, synovial, lactic, adipose, phlegm, etc. The reality is that all these things need to move and interchange with each other fluidly and freely if we are to have a consistent experience of health, vitality, and wellness. Once any of our many bodily fluids, processes, or exchanges get stuck in one spot, low energy, discomfort, pain, and disease surely to follow.

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        Moving your body can now take on a new view.  With each movement, think of all your muscles as pumps, each one is like a little heart in and of itself. The heart in your chest pumps blood non-stop automatically. The muscles of the body pump fluids too, just manually. The more we move our bodies, the more we move our fluids. From the marrow deep within our bones, to the sweat dripping off our brow, all these fluids move when you move. By the same token, they will move less when you move less. Hence the old adage:

        “The more you move, the more you can move. The less you move, the less you can move.” 

Just Move!

        Any kind of movement will suffice. Consider that all cultures of all time have movement arts. Dance, yoga, jogging, swimming, are all great. Even simply walking is fine. The more you move, the more you can move. In the event of any pain, restriction, or discomfort, you can always remember the rule of 5: Slower, Smaller, Softer, Smoother, Safer. Start where you are, move what you got, do what you can, and enjoy every bit of it.

        Nothing to memorize, nothing to learn, nothing to figure out, just move. If it’s fun, you might do it again, and if you do it again and again, you might get good. Then when you’re good, it might be even more fun! Are you catching the drift? Before you know it, you’ll have your own blog telling people to MOVE!

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