Yang Fire Monkey Moon

– 大家好! –

“Dàjiā hǎo/Big Home Good..”


shou wudang6th Moon: Wood Goat 7/10-8/7
7th Moon: Fire Monkey 8/8-9/5


        Consider the five elemental phases a parallel to the phases of our lives. The wood element is for spring, and this is the little baby. Fire comes next and this is summer, or the angry teenager. The ashes from fire make earth, late summer, and this is the dry time of adulthood where we find stability in our dull routines. Metal element is for fall, this is a time to cut ourselves free from burdens and retire. Water is winter, where the white snow caps of mountains are like the white hair that caps our heads. When we apply this wisdom to the zodiac, a teenage fire-monkey would then be especially rebellious, idealistic, brash, and aggressive. Just remember, it’s a monkey moon – try not to get too annoyed, it’ll only make it worse.

Good luck – Rats and Dragons
Not so  Good Luck – Tigers

Everything is NEW!

        It has finally arrived, our system is now current and ready to scale. Consider this a soft launch of sorts. We’ll go big with a full roll out in the Fall season. For now, feel free to explore our new site, click around and try to break it, your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Goat Moon Mugwort Harvest

        After 16 long months, we had our first group gathering. It was amazing. More than just mugwort, we also picked sage, bay leaf, and elderberry. Kanyon, our native host, was a powerhouse, taking the time to share every last detail about the sacred medicines of her ancestral homeland. We hiked a lovely trail, hugged the healing pole, potlucked, and practiced. Prepare for similar events in the future, maybe even a sweat lodge/tea ceremony mash-up. This fellowship with our native stewards will only grow.

We Got Shwag!

        I know, it probably hurts as much to read it as it was to type it; but what else should we call it? Merch? Goods? Products? Whatever you call em, we got em. Shirts, hoodies, tanks, and tees for young and old, tall and small. Get a fresh uniform for training, or get a crisp hoodie for representing. Stay tuned, we’re gonna make custom clothes from China available soon too.


        We are expanding our course offerings and gradually inviting more teachers to serve upon our platform. Complete listings will cover classical movement, medicine, culture, language, art, and more. Stay tuned each month for more content. For now, please enjoy our current listings.

chinese medicine

Clinical Service

        Looking for a breakthrough in practice? Try getting a treatment with us to help move you along. Acupuncture, Massage, Cupping, Herbs, or just a pleasant talk over tea. 

        Our clinic is based in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Simply click the link below to schedule a session.

Book Now

Community Access & Scholarships

        Each week we offer several LIVE webinars for all to enjoy. We haven’t updated this portion of our platform yet, so if you still have the old links, you can continue to use them for now.

        We will also start a scholarship program in partnership with local, Bay Area TCM clinics. Check in to see how you can take advantage of these amazing community resources. 

Shifu and Shimu

Love Surrounds Us

        Baby Amin is 100 Days! Wudang West celebrates 9 years of continuous service. We got a brand new website and newsletter platform. Shifu and Shimu celebrate 7 years on 8/8. These are truly precious times!

       Clearly, our heart garden is popping right now. Be sure to check back in to keep up with all the new things in store.

wudang west chop

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