The Protocol


        Alright, this is where it gets juicy. You already got the move, you already got the massage, you just got the meditate, now you can put them all together. That’s right, you thought one was good on its own, but have you tried all three combined?

Move It or Lose It

        The first step is to move something so pick a body part, let’s say your neck for example. Now, without getting too crazy or style specific, with regards to the neck, there are three baseline ranges of motion that most all of us can access: yes, no, and maybe.yes no maybe

        The Yes is just as it sounds, lifting the chin up then tucking the chin down. Nod the head up and down, with maybe a slight turn either left or right, as if you were saying yes to a group of friends. You can even do it as you read this. The No is just as it sounds too, just turning the head left and right. For this one, try not to move your chest or shoulders and do your best to isolate the neck and head, it will help to go slow. The final movement is Maybe and this is where we reach our ear down to our shoulders, one at a time, to stretch along the side of our neck. For each of them, try to coordinate your breath as well, almost as if the movement pumps the air you breathe. 

big smile

        Having moved the neck in these three simple  ranges does so much for the overall health and well being of the body. Think of all the blood, lymph, synovial, and salivary fluids literally surging with each pump. All the fluids from all the glands of your chest, neck, head, and brain are flowing. With all that vitality inside, you’re sure to result in a big smile, rosy cheeks, and bright eyes outside.

Rub It Out

        From there, we move on to step two, massage. Warm up your hands a bit first, and then brush your neck. First along the back and the sides where the muscles are thick, but also under the chin and along the jowl. Grab and pull and the thick erector muscles along the cervical spine. You can even lightly trace and pinch along the scalene lines. From there you can use your finger tips to press into tender areas, before giving them a warming polish and pat down to finish it off.

neck massage

Witness the Miracle

        Having massaged yourself, now take a moment for step three, meditate. Chances are, after a bit of movement and massage, there is a lot of stimulus to enjoy in and around your neck. Take a short moment to bask in your neck, luxuriate if you will. Notice how different you feel from before you started just a few moments ago. Compare the stimulus of your neck to other areas of your body that haven’t been moved or massaged (yet), and allow time to witness all the body’s sensations settle to neutral again.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid

        True intelligence is making something complex simple. True stupidity is making something simple complex. Just because the protocol is simple, doesn’t negate its effect. Move, massage, meditate. It can’t get any easier. Just work a body part, and then another. Lather, rinse, repeat. Do it till you feel good then rest and do it again. No one is going to overdose, guaranteed. You’re more likely to under-dose. Now go enjoy yourself! 

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