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ShenShu – Kidney Hollow

Urinary Bladder 23

     Bladder 23 is a very common point that it is primarily used for treating back pain and sciatica but can also be used to manage and mitigate any symptom along the lower legs, knees, calves, and feet. As the name implies, the point is directly associated with the kidneys making it quite effective in treating energetic deficiencies such as lethargy, impotency, or chronic fatigue as well.

     You’ll find the point about a thumbs length up from the bottom of the lumbar spine. Inline with the second and third vertebrae, the point is neatly positioned on both left and right sides of the vertebrae itself. You can simply place your palms flat along on your lower back, find the hollow of the point along the spine with the middle or index finger, and apply firm pressure from both sides at the same time.

bladder 23

     Regional massage will improve blood flow and circulation and can even bring lasting relief from acute back pain. This alone is often enough to make people feel younger, lighter, and brighter in an instant. Not only can you regain access to your youthful mobility, but regular massage can also benefit the chest, heart, and lungs as you have to reach back to massage the point properly.

How to Get the Benefit?

     To activate the healing potential of bladder 23, you have to give it consistent care and attention. Perhaps not an hour all at once, but maybe two hours broken into 5 minute chunks all throughout your day. Sure, a practitioner can help you with a deeper treatment, but nothing compares to self care; as Master Wang would say, “learn to wipe your own ass.”

  • First, find a comfortable position, be it standing, sitting, or lying down.
  • Next, place your palms flat on your lower back, and try to breathe deep into your hands for a few cycles. Mindfully assess how breath and awareness impact the experience of your back.   
  • From here, the easiest massages would be polishing with the palm, raking with knuckles, or pressing firmly with the fingers or thumbs.
  • Try lifting the chest and head while gently arching back to get more leverage and pressure if needed.
  • Feel free to use liniments, oils, or salves if it brings benefit.  
  • You can also use a simple tennis ball, or even two of them taped together to apply pressure while on the floor or against a wall.
  • Routinely compliment the practice of massaging your lower back with polishing your lower belly, hips, and sides as well.
  • Always remember to warm up, cool down, and repeat, repeat, repeat.


pregnant bladder 23

     In general, it is always better to avoid areas with open wounds or fresh scars. Inflamed, swollen, and bruised areas should also be avoided in case of further irritation. Instead, work distally down line to promote circulation passively through the intended area.

     Specific to this point, it is one of the many contraindicated for use during pregnancy, especially first trimester. However, most pregnant mothers will love having this point gently polished and kept warm. Just be careful. 


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