Slow Over Stagnant

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Be Not Afraid of Going Slowly, Be Afraid Only of Standing Still

     Over the years, life has grown to become extremely fast-paced. It’s hard to keep pace and manage life with everything moving so swiftly. However, this classic Chinese Proverb introduces us to a new perspective that, when followed, can make radical changes to our entire reality.

     Many of us are scrambling to get by, day by day, living hand to mouth. What we would give to catch a break, get ahead, or get instant results for our efforts. Unfortunately, when we don’t see positive results, or if our efforts constantly fall short, we automatically start believing that we have failed at what we were doing and won’t ever achieve our desired outcomes. For some, that leads to giving up completely, having never given the appropriate time for our seed to sprout and grow, much less bare fruit and give shade.

stressedConsistency Is Key

    This Proverb doesn’t necessarily revolve around career or studies or perhaps a new business we’re hoping to succeed in. This Proverb can even be reflected towards a memory we are trying to move on from or a bad habit we are trying to break. It doesn’t matter how slowly or quickly we do something. The important thing is that we must always be working on it and moving towards our goal.

     This proverb invites us to be consistent in our thoughts, words, and actions. Consistency means focusing on the present moment and sticking to the task at hand, day in and day out. Instead of worrying about future outcomes just make sure your efforts are thorough now, because when we manage the little things today, the big things manage themselves tomorrow. 

     There will always be room for insight and improvement, so open yourself to opportunities and experiences that will keep you moving along your trajectory. If not, you will be stuck where you are until you choose otherwise. Hence, moving is essential for better results and overall positivity in your life. Resting, reassessing, regrouping, and reaffirming are not the same as quitting. Fast or slow does not matter – just don’t stop.

How can I apply this in my life?

     Take a step back and analyze where you are stagnant. Awareness is the first step to change. Owning up to your rut is critical to your transition out of it. From there, make a big plan with baby steps, and honor landmarks along the way.

     Some people may not realize that building a foundation for their success cannot be done overnight. It is undoubtedly a slow process that requires constant diligence, patience, and determination. Don’t be afraid of mistakes or breakdowns, as you either win, or learn. There is never loss on the road to self mastery.

application     Making mistakes certainly doesn’t mean you’re not made for your passion. Amidst hardship, you may need to remind yourself of the age old adage, “Fall 8 Times, Rise 9.”

     Moreover, goals are individual and subjective. You shouldn’t measure your progress relative to another’s. All flowers bloom in their own time. At the end of it all, you’re the only person who can validate your individual goals and aspirations.

Final Note

     As long as you’re focused and consistent, there will always be room to learn something new. Being consistent will help build momentum. It can fast track your progress and development in any field. This is ultimately the essence of our kung fu training – repeat, repeat, repeat. Mastery only comes with time and consistent effort, there is no other way.

     Your efforts will be rewarded one day. Staying still and giving up isn’t going to do you any good. It will only derail you from what you want to do. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to grow slowly. Take baby steps, be practical and honest with yourself. One day you will look back and realize how far you have made it with those little steps and seemingly small strategies.

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