King Zumbi

     Bless Baba. Thank you, King. Thank you for your music, your rhythm, your lyrics, your message, your craft. Thank you for your influence, your impact, your resonance, your reach. Thank you for your diligence, your persistence, your commitment, your mastery. Thank you for all that you are, all that you will continue to be, and all that you have yet to become. 

zumbi     Thank you for choosing our community. Thank you for choosing to share your mornings with us out on that lake in Oakland. Thank you for your smiles, sweat, and soreness. Thank you for your intentional breath, your vertical upright posture, and your stable rooted footing. You trained hard, and you did it with us. Thank you. 

A Daoist Afterlife

     Not many Daoists will dare speak to an afterlife as we would rather observe reality than project our expectations on it. However, what is clear and apparent for all to see are the sun, moon, and stars each cycling in their own rhythm, pattern, and tempo. Like clockwork, each revolves in time – through all time – across processions, eons, and epics. For this, we can draw a parallel to our personal cycles and rhythms. Those that lead a routine, habitual life of greed, ignorance, or fear will more than likely persist in that pattern along a timeless, degenerative trajectory – even beyond the bounds of their physical experience. Likewise, those that consistently rise, overcome, share, lead, and inspire will more than likely continue along that virtuous course as even Isaac Newton can attest with his first law of inertia, “patterns in motion tend to stay in motion.”

Immortality is Realzumbi kids

     In that light, the Daoist view of immortality becomes grounded and practical. Without debate, we can safely state that all things shall pass. Glaciers melt, mountains crumble, and rivers run dry, but one thing that lasts the test of time is influence.

     Zhang San Feng, a celebrated immortal, the creator of Tai Chi, and the head of our Wudang martial family lineage, has long since passed. Yet, despite death, his influence and art still touch lives as Tai Chi has evolved and grown to be an everyday play for countless across the world. In this way, Zhang San Feng is an immortal – he played Tai Chi every day, now the world plays with him.

Long Live the King

     So in this view, you did it, King! You’re an immortal! You will forever remain a committed cultivator, an amazing father, and a prophet of the people. You’re a leader, a healer, and an ancestral mystic for now and for always. I have no doubt that your hard earned momentum towards mastery will carry on everlasting, like an Eternal Spring or a flower in perpetual bloom. I trust your spirit will surely continue to protect, provide, inspire, and guide. I trust your legacy and influence will only grow and expand. I trust that your work is far from finished, King. You’ve only just begun.

     Bless Baba. Thank you, Zumbi. Thank you for showing us immortality is possible.

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3 thoughts on “King Zumbi

  1. Dr. Dan Fields, DACM says:

    Eloquently poetic — love and blessings to Baba Zumbi’s immortality. I will continue to “Qi Up” as he would put it daily so I too may stand in his shadow.

    Missing my friends dearly, this post transmutes exactly what I needed to read.

    Thank you Wei Shifu 🙏🏽

  2. Nico G says:

    Shifu’s words, “you’ve only just begun,” resonate. I trust he will continue to be a part of our training by the lake. He was great example of consistency and a solid presence. May his legacy live on.
    ✨ Rest in Power King Zumbi✨

    • Jahan Khalighi says:

      Big blessings to brother Zumbi as he returns home. He leaves a legacy of music and truth as ripples that continue to grow. Big love to his boys and the whole family, may they be infinitely supported!

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