Yin Fire Rooster Moon

fire rooster


“Dàjiā hǎo/Big Home Good!”


shou wudang8th Moon – Yin Fire Rooster

Sept 7 – Oct 5

     This second moon of Autumn is the Yin Fire Rooster moon. Because we are approaching winter, this fire is one that is starting to wane. Fire roosters are likened more to a soaring crane or a rising phoenix. Roosters are considered ancient protectors that ward off the five deadly venoms of the spider, scorpion, snake, toad and centipede. This is a good month to take charge of each day by beckoning the rising sun. Careful not to let your pride grow to arrogance. Karma is not a &!+@#, it’s a mirror. Puff your chest too proud and expect to be put in your place. Don’t play chicken either, for nature has no mercy.

Good Luck – Snake, Dragon, Ox, Horse

Not so Good Luck – Dog, Rabbit, Rooster

Soft Opening

     Last month we were still sorting out a few kinks in our new online platform. This month should be all good. Simply navigate your way to the course listings, select the courses you want to take, and enroll yourself. Once you complete the registration, you’ll get a confirmation email with all the log in credentials. See you online!

wudang west

Meeting Master Yang Jwing Ming

     Anyone that seriously studies traditional Chinese Kung Fu is almost certain to know of Dr. Yang Jwing Ming. He is hands down, by far, of the most prolific and influential masters of our era. Not only is he an amazing martial arts master, but he is also an accomplished Chinese medicine doctor, author, publisher, video producer, and a mechanical engineer to boot.

     He is currently approaching retirement and is selling his retreat center up north in Humboldt, California. Seated on 243 acres of pristine sacred land, it lies beside a dormant volcano, or as the master put it, “On the Back of a Sleeping Dragon.” Complete with a two-story primary living facility, a 20 person guest cabin, a tea gazebo, a 12 person cedar wood sauna, 6 mini meditation huts, and a huge, fully loaded kung fu training hall. It has 16,000 gallons of 8.6 alkaline spring water storage, a well, two springs and a creek. It has full solar power with back up generators, a DC converter, and industrial back-up batteries. It has a wide array of perennial fruit trees, full permaculture garden, green house and a chicken coop! It is literally a kung fu dream retreat center.

Should We Buy It?

     It could be said, “The Great Way is Not Forced.”  If fate should unfold in our favor, than who are we to deny destiny. It wouldn’t be cheap, and honestly, I don’t know too many people that have 2m lying around to contribute. Thing is, 2m would just get us in the door, its easily another 10k/mo just to keep the place afloat over the next 30 years, and we’d need someone with at least 4m in the bank to sign off on it. Then of course, it’s in northern California, and there is always the risk of fire. 

     I can still remember when Master Yang started this project; I was in China at the time training in Wudang. I even considered training there if I ever had to leave China for some reason. Now, nearly 15 years later, we’re in a position to potentially purchase it. To think, it could literally be Wudang West. In many ways, it’s appropriate. What do you think?

Our Tea is Here!

sheng cake

     When Shimu went into labor with our son, Amin, I called the family over in Yunnan, China, and told them to reserve all of the tea gathered on that special day for a private production. The single origin pickings from that pull would then be processed by one, senior cultivar to ensure that the fewest number of craftsmen possible handled the production of this tasty treasure.

    We call this blessing, Yue Guang Bing – 月光饼 – “Moon Lit Radiance Cake,” after the Daoist lineage name given to our son by my Shifu, Yuan Xiu Gang.   

     It will be available soon on our products page, so keep a look out!


tea service

     Master Wang, our tea teacher, would often say in a sharp tone, “There is no Chinese Medicine, Only Chinese Culture.” He would then go on to say, “medicine is a short conversation for the sick and diseased. Save your breath, these people will never see the value. They are not worthy.”

     Now, Master Wang was known to be crass, and as harsh as this statement is, it’s not all the way false. Consider that there is of course medicinal value to the principles, methods and tools commonly referred to as Chinese Medicine, but what it you weren’t sick? For healthy people these very same principles, methods, and tools could be used to maintain, grow, or even optimize one’s experience of health and wellness. In that light, is this still medicine? Moreover, one could further use these very same principles, methods, and tools towards a spiritual practice of self discovery. What would it be called then?

     All that said, come visit me in clinic. Have some tea. Talk story. Move around a bit. Maybe press some tender acupoints, or use a few vacuum cups. Take a break. Enjoy the afternoon. Is it a medical treatment, or is it just humble hospitality? Is there a difference? I’m there Tuesdays and Thursdays. Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

What’s Next?

david wei with grand masters y.c. chiang and hui liu     There are some serious dates to honor on the horizon. The first big day is September 10th. This day is considered Teacher Appreciation day in China. Also, September 21st is Mid-Autumn Festival, the biggest holiday in China, second only to the Spring Festival – New Year Celebration. For both of these annual holidays, it is customary to make an earnest effort to celebrate your teacher, recognize the time they’ve invested in you, and appreciate the impact of their guidance.

     Another date to note is September 25th. On this day, Wen Wu School will hold their own Teacher’s Day event and will be celebrating the life of recently passed, Master Hui Liu. Please let me know if you’d like to participate in the virtual ceremony. The other special day to remember is September 30th. This is a bitter-sweet day in that it is both the birthday of my mother, but it is also the 2nd anniversary of Master Wang’s passing. Please dedicate the merit of your practice in honor of these amazing influences and their impact.

Integrity – Humility – Sincerity

When we Show Up, Shut Up and Add Value, Our Presence is the Present.

wudang west chopWudang West Cultural Heritage Center

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