Lunar Outlook – Rooster

ox year rooster moon

     This coming cycle is a Fire Rooster moon in a Metal Ox year. It spans from September 7th to October 5th, and offers good luck and success for the most part. None the less, there are still aspects of caution and avoidance that some animals may need to be aware of. Remember, a bad reading could be your biggest blessing, and the expectation of good fortune could bring upon hidden demise. Just be sure not to mistake your fate with your destiny. You may get dealt a bad hand of cards, but you can always play with intention and skill. 


     You can expect relatively smooth sailing in terms of work and income this month. Count on stability and ease, and nothing too challenging should arise. Don’t think that this means it’s time to cut loose, though. Keep being diligent in all areas of life. Don’t spend recklessly and save money responsibly. Be patient and communicate clearly with loved ones. Exercise, healthy eating, and routine medical examinations during this month to prevent serious health problems in the future.


     Tread carefully this month. You’ll notice an increase in frustrations and obstacles. Deadlines and other annoyances at work will zap your energy. Students will feel the pressure of making choices for their future. It’s important for all Ox people to take care of themselves this month. Rest, eat healthily, and exercise to avoid burnout. Soak in some sunshine and release stress purposefully. Mindfully manage your finances this month, and in the future your wealth will grow.


     Tackle this month with a strong positive attitude. It won’t be easy, but do your best to bring problems in your career and relationships to a peaceful resolution. Be optimistic and aware when dealing with others. Mind your stripes, your “on and off” tendencies will challenge the trust of others this month. Those with partners need to dedicate time and attention in order to nurture a true and lasting relationship with the one they love. Communication and cooperation will lead to your success.


     Rabbits may find themselves so busy this month that they either forget or are unable to take care of themselves. If there are people in your life that rely on you, this neglect could begin to extend to them. Therefore, it’s necessary to seriously reevaluate your schedule and choices in order to cultivate balance in your lifestyle. Exercise and a healthy diet are just as important to a healthy time and stress management.


     Dragon people can look forward to a fantastic month in terms of their career. Prepare to be entrusted with bigger responsibilities. Promotions are on the horizon this month, so work diligently and tackle projects with a clear and open mind. Do be aware of serious relationship difficulties, though. Face problems with patience, trust, and calm communication. Dragons should also mind their health. If you show any small symptoms, address them before they get too big to manage.


     This month will be golden. You can count on plans and circumstances running smoothly. You might even meet a special someone this month, and any relationship springing up this month is likely to be solid and lasting. New romantic partners that you meet have the potential to become your life partners. Snakes who are married should be cautious, however. Good friendships outside of your marriage may become tempting or cause a jealous rift in your current relationship.


     This will be a stagnant month for Horses. You won’t have much luck in money or investments but work should go well and you’ll experience meaningful success in your career. Those with lovers can anticipate serious differences when important decisions arise. If you’re too rigid this will lead to damaging arguments with your loved one. Be flexible and open minded. Work hard to try and find compromises if you intend to preserve your relationship.


     You may have an emotional month. You might feel weighed down by sentiment  and melancholy. This will get in the way of your goals and relationships. Avoid the urge to escape and fester in your feelings. Your loved ones won’t know why you’ve pushed them away and will question the trust in your relationship. Don’t despair, everyone experiences these dark times. You can pull through by being open and honest with your loved ones. Your relationship will deepen, and only grow stronger.


     Monkeys need to focus this month. In their careers, they need to fully understand a task before jumping in. People new to their jobs need to pay careful attention to the culture of their new crew and do their best to assimilate. In love, consider the needs and desires of your partner before you make any move to express your feelings or satisfy needs of your own. If you don’t pay enough attention, you can expect serious problems or even failure. Avoid impulse and keep it simple this month.


     Diligent, hardworking Roosters can look forward to reaping the benefits of their efforts. Students can look forward to high grades and amicable relationships with their peers. Employees should be able to efficiently meet their goals without jumping through hoops. Be careful, though. This is not the time to be reckless. Taking risks or falling for scams have a high chance of resulting in failure and losing you significant amounts of time and money.


     This month will be full of big risks and big gains for Dogs. If you’re a hard worker and your business is good, you can rely on partners and bank loans to carry you through challenging times. With help, you will be able to achieve success in your endeavors. Don’t neglect your health this month. Avoid unhealthy food, support your immune system, and stay hydrated. You may be susceptible to illness this month, so take care to avoid behaviors that put you at risk of getting sick.


     Stay careful during this month, especially the elderly, so that you won’t fall into recurrent disease. Obey your doctor and take care to hydrate yourself and get enough rest. Above all, keep an optimistic attitude as you are prone to the whims of your own emotions this month. In career, love, and wealth you can look forward to clear skies. Due to your work ethic, you might put work above your relationships. Remember to show love to those important to you so they don’t feel less important.

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