Yang Earth Dog Moon

dog ox


“Dàjiā hǎo/Big Home Good!”


shou wudang9th Moon – Yang Earth Dog

Oct. 6 – Nov. 4

     Dogs are celebrated for their joyful spirit and unconditional loyalty. They are generous, almost to a fault, as most pups will gladly trade a pound of love for a pinch of attention. Mature, adult dogs are proud protectors of both people and places. These canine companions have literally been bred to serve, as such, resting at the foot of their master brings a dog deep spiritual resolve. For a Yang Earth Dog, all of these traits are mature and expressed; but from the view of an autumn moon, it’s almost like nature’s last check before winter. Mind your loyalties, be sure that they are fair and reciprocal. Mind your space, be it social, private, or domestic; and finally, mind your kindness. It’s one thing to be obedient, it’s another to roll over and beg for treats.

Good Luck – Tiger, Pig, Horse, Monkey

Not so Good Luck – Snake, Ox, Rabbit, Rat, Dog

Chinese Connection

     In our attempt to make the temple experience available and accessible, we have partnered with our parent program, the Wudang Daoist Traditional Kung Fu Academy, in Hubei, China. My disciple brother, Jake Pinnick, will be kick starting the partnership with a short lecture event to introduce the curriculum and core objectives. From there, we intend to expand the program to include tai chi sword, medical qigong, classical chinese music, brush painting, calligraphy, and much more. The ultimate goal is to build enough momentum with the program so that we can eventually host my Shifu, master Yuan Xiu Gang, by next Spring. Stay tuned!

More Courses

     In addition to our core curriculum and new partnership offerings, you can also find content created by our disciple instructors. Dan offers a weekly morning course on breathing called Tu Gu Na Xin. Jahan offers a weekly evening practice of sitting and stretching called Dao Yin. Nico will be offering ongoing monthly wellness workshops specific to the season, and Shannon will lead an intensive series on Dragon Claw conditioning for optimal hand maintenance. To register, simply follow the links below.

Cathedral Basics

     Prior to lockdowns, Wudang West was most known for their morning practice sessions out on the lake at the Cathedral of Christ the Light. The cathedral was literally Wudang West. We may not have had a Daoist temple, but at least we had a church. We may not have been on a sacred mountain, but at least we got to climb some steps. We may not have had monks and nuns, but at least we had each other. Sure it wasn’t Wudang, but we sure trained like it was – and that’s what mattered.

     All that said, it brings me great joy to report that our small circle still has some big power. Senior disciple Eileen, her husband Brent, and a handful of others have demonstrated true kung fu by maintaining the space and keeping the practice present. They are there everyday except for Sunday, so as not to disturb the standard church services. Practice begins at 730am.

Special Days

     There is a special folk holiday called the Double 9 festival, which lands on October 15th of this year. This holiday is considered double yang because it celebrates the 9th day of the 9th moon. As 9 is the largest single digit, this holiday is considered yang’s peak expression before it dies and descends into the abyss of yin for winter. To symbolize this final ascent, Double 9 is typically celebrated by lighting incense, flying kites, or by hiking to the summit of your closest mountain trail.

     The only other thing to note for October is our tea! We’ve been talking about it since the Spring, and we are happy to announce that our private press pu’erhs are not only here and available, but they are also completely acclimated to the bay area climate and ready to be enjoyed. We’ve only made a few small batches, so they are in limited supply. Be sure to pick them up soon, whatever doesn’t sell by winter solstice will be tucked away to age for at least 5 to 10 years, only resurface later at a much higher price.

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