Wudang Disciple Exchange

     Our school is based on three core values: Integrity, Humility, Sincerity – Show up, Shut up, Add Value. My fellow disciple brother, Jake Pinnick, 资根 – Zi Gen “Fruitful Root,” is an exemplary model of these principles.

Jake Gets it Done

     When I was training at the temple, I was Shifu’s right hand man. I answered all his emails, got all the new students sorted, helped students extend their visas, took them to the tailor, handled interviews with the press, and so on, and so on. If all that wasn’t enough, I was also expected to train harder than everyone else and be ready to demo for anyone at the drop of a dime. After me, it was Jeff; and since Jeff left, it’s been Jake. I can humbly admit, that when I was captain, the school was still small so it wasn’t that bad. Now the school is huge, and I’m sure the responsibilities have only grown along with it.

     Some may not know this, but when we organized our pilgrimage groups to Wudang, Jake was our point man. He made sure all our patrons had warm accommodations, fresh bedding, and clean bathrooms. He lead all our practice sessions and taught our group traditional forms such as Five Animal Qigong and Tai He Quan.

     Even when we’re back home in the states, Jake continues to add value. Each time that our circle has ordered custom kung fu clothing from the local tailors in Wudang, Jake has been our contact man on the ground ensuring our orders are processed and shipped timely and professionally without any mistakes or mishaps.

What’s in Store

     When the conversation of a cultural exchange arose, it was only natural to turn to my brother Jake. For one, he’s the only American kung fu brother that is still in Wudang, and two, he’s the literal right hand man of our Shifu, master Yuan Xiu Gang. That said, it brings me great joy to provide an access to the mountain through Jake.

      We have a number of projects lined up for the months to come. Beyond the introductory event on October 10th, we intend to produce an instructional video program on Taiji Jian (Tai Chi Sword), complete with theory, basic movements, as well as a breakdown of the entire form move by move.

     From there, it will be a natural progression towards the complimentary art of calligraphy, where players can learn to extend the expression of their sword through a brush on paper. With a good momentum behind us, we then want to generate a medical CEU course for licensed California acupuncturists on the Eight Silk Brocade classical qigong set.  With so much lined up, there is only one natural question: “Who’s ready to train?”

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