Yin Earth Pig Moon

pig moon


“Dàjiā hǎo/Big Home Good!”


shou wudang10th Moon – Yin Earth Pig

Nov. 5 – Dec. 3

     The pig brings our first moon of winter and it looks like this will be a tough season for many. Master Wang once said, “Trouble outside comes from trouble inside – We see what we are.” Sure, it’s rough out there, but if you’re fortunate enough to have a warm bed with a fluffy pillow, this alone is worthy of immense gratitude. If you have water that runs, a toilet that flushes, and lights that illuminate at the flick of a switch, consider yourself blessed. From this space of gratitude, allow yourself to let go of all your justified frustrations for just a moment, and tap into those little day to day blessings that you may be taking for granted. Think of that yin-earth pig rolling around in filth, eating outhouse waste, and loving every bit of it. If only we could find such contentment in our personal pits – we may also discover that heaven has been within us all along. May the peace we nourish inside, contribute to a collective peace outside. Oink. Oink. 

Good Luck – Goat, Dog, Rabbit

Not so Good Luck – Snake

Taiji Sword

     We have created this virtual platform for you to access world-class content directly from Wudang, China – right in the palm of your hand. We’ve literally brought the mountain to you. For our first exchange, we’ve invited my brother, Master Jake Pinnick, to lead our circle in learning Wudang Taiji Swordplay. He has agreed to produce a series of instructional videos that illustrate this practice inside and out. Soon, a series of video installments will be made available for you to embark on your training. As the program unfolds, participants will have opportunities to join small-group training sessions live from Wudang over Zoom! For those interested, you may need a sword, send us a DM and we can get you sorted/sworded.

Master Jake Pinnick of Wudang


Winter Solstice Social Gathering

     Assuming sniffle season doesn’t get the best of us, we’re beginning to plan the next event with our friendly Ohlone natives out in Indian Canyon. Last time, we harvested mugwort for the Autumn equinox. This time, we’ll be tending the trails and gathering loose wood and tinder to build a big bonfire to honor the longest night of the year. Fine tea will be served and folks will be invited to potluck it up. We’ll even have some gentle movement and partnered massage as well. For those curious to join, just keep it in mind. Details will be posted in the next moon update for this late December social reception.

Time to Transition

     Those that have been with us through the years know that we are always up to something special. Some of our plans bloom smooth and easy, other plans take years to manifest, while others still seem to never mature. Well, we’re at it again, and this one’s big – WE’RE MOVING! No more Colorado, Hawaii, Bali, Taiwan, or Portugal, Wudang West is opening a local temple retreat right here in the San Francisco bay area! The new deal is firm and we’re ready to settle. Local students and disciples are invited to reach out and lend a hand to make the move smooth over the next several weeks. Who’s excited?

Clinic Sessions with Shimu

     Shimu is back from maternity leave and ready to help you heal! For the month of November, Shimu will be available to receive clients, new and old, at our lovely San Francisco clinic space. Currently, sessions with Shimu are only available on Saturdays and they tend to book up quick, so be sure to lock in your private treatment before all her slots saturate. If you have never had an acupuncture session from Shimu, you are sure to love her skillful interpretation of classical silk-road medicine. Don’t delay, book your session today!

Integrity – Humility – Sincerity

When we Show UpShut Up and Add Value, Our Presence is a Present.

wudang west chopWudang West Cultural Heritage Center

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