Meet Our Team of Qualified Instructors

     All our teachers have gone through extensive training directly under the guidance of our chief instructor, David Wei. Each teachers’ rank is determined by the duration and quality of their training and is affirmed by the positive influence and measurable impact they impart on their communities. Each of these instructors has taken on classical discipleship and has committed to stewarding this ancestral tradition forward.


James Damiani – Instructor

View Training – Stillness – Mobility

     James has spent the last decade embodying a vast array of movement arts. In his formative years James was subjected to a great deal of hardship and trauma that deeply impacted him. After being exposed to somatic healing practices in 2005 he began to search for new approaches to health and well-being. At this time he set out on his path with the intention of finding a way to be in “right relationship” with his past.

     Eventually his path led him to Wudang West where he deepened his passion for QiGong and life style training. As time passed James developed a keen skill for teaching and holding space for students to develop practices that support them in living a more embodied life. James approaches each of his classes as a new opportunity to learn and grow with, and alongside, his students. In his work James emphasizes the embodiment of personal acceptance, core stability, and the celebration of life.

Dan Gill – Instructor

Qigong – Tui Na – Acupressure

     Dan was diagnosed with severe COPD after a 4-week hospital admission from pneumonia. Upon his recovery, Dan received a grim prognosis for the outlook on his life. Not to be discouraged, Dan leaned into the healing arts and found his calling in bodywork and therapeutic massage. He chose to pursue Tui Na acupressure to learn how to remove blockages in the meridians and promote healthy circulation. He initially sought training at Wudang West to improve his bodywork but found many more tools to fortify his health and wellbeing.

    Through cultivating classical Daoist arts, Dan discovered the power of perspective, giving him the capacity to shape his lived experience by examining his inner view. In time, Dan grew to be an instructor at Wudang West. Having found healing himself, Dan is inspired to share and encourage others along their own path.

Shannon Tetteh

Shannon Tetteh – Instructor

Chinese Medicine – Tui Na – Dragon Claw

     Shannon achieved his Board Certification in Manual Therapy at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chicago in 2010. He later earned specialization certificates in 2011 in Tui Na, Myofascial Release and joint mobility. While in the program, he was also trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, Trigger Point, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral.

     In 2012, Shannon transferred to the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Science in Oakland to study acupuncture. There he met David Wei and trained concurrently at Wudang West while in TCM school. Shannon quickly grew to become a coach and taught at various fitness gyms and retirement centers. He became a disciple in 2015 before moving back to Chicago to pursue his doctorate in Chinese Medicine at PCOM. Shannon now resides in South Chicago where he is building a community of his own under the brand Golden Palm and Needle.

David Wei  – Chief Instructor

Yang Sheng – Dao Yin – Tu Na – Wudang Daoism

        Born of a single, immigrant Chinese mother in the heart of Richmond, CA, David was no stranger to the threat of violence. As such, he studied martial arts as a youth for self defense with other kids. Later as an adult, his practice of martial arts evolved from a play of passion to a pursuit of purpose. For David, kung fu was less about self defense and more about self discovery.

        David’s kung fu journey spanned the entire world, most notably to Wudang, China. In 2006, David became a disciple of his Shifu, Daoist Master Yuan Xiu Gang, and committed the next five years of study under his direct guidance and instruction. While training as a martial artist, David became an accomplished healer as well. He has since taught Daoist Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland.

        In 2012, he created Wudang West as a non profit service platform to better share his skills with the world. Currently, David enjoys his days as a full-time teacher, healer, husband, and father.